Friday, January 29, 2010


Wanted to try some simple line shading. I'm afraid I don't have the patience to do it really well, so my lines are more like quick scribbles! But I did get some sloppy cross hatching in.

(By the way, I drew this on a Wacom tablet, which is why some lines are so thick and some aren't, and why you can't see eraser marks everywhere, ha!)


  1. I like this -- especially the hair.

  2. Gosh what a handsome devil this guy is!! I'll take him! Anyway, you are really good on that tablet. One blog I read mentioned that she had just gotten one and she was experiencing the learning curve on it. I love my Darren.

  3. ChrisJ, thank you!

    Mom, the tablet just makes things easy. If you mess up, its a quick erase - no scrubbing the paper again and again until you get it right. But it's fast and super sensitive. Also, I'm afraid mine needs an update. Lately when I use it and lift the pen up, its still drags across the screen. I have to erase with every stroke, irritating.


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