Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Corsica looks like a mighty fine place to live.

I made the following picture for The Virtual Paintout current challenge, but I haven't sent it in yet, and not sure if I'm going to. Anyway, the hills in the background came out surprisingly well, although really, they are just little blobs of color that happened to turn out nicely. And the trees that are closer up, in the yard - I was really happy with those, but they didn't actually look very good until the whole thing was finished. I think it's the shadows on the ground that's making them stand out.

Otherwise, I just wish I'd spent more time on that house. It looks uneven and crooked. The roof was tiled and the way the sun reflected off of it.. that was hopeless. And the stone wall was hard, too.

I can't believe people actually live like this, in views like this one. I wonder who owns that house (I hope they don't ever see this - I bet it'd be weird to randomly come across a painting of your house and street online). There was a minivan parked next to it in the Google map picture, but I decided not to include that.


  1. I am still amazed at this piece. Some of the fun places we have done (at least in my mind) since I began participating included Ireland (I love Ireland!)...and...and...I can't remember. I too always wonder about the people who live in places such as this. I thought Corsica was just beautiful and it looks like such a simple way of life too. Amazing what horizons are opened in these challenges. I hope you do submit this one. It is truly much so that I want to move right in. Many of the artists I follow do what they call "artistic license" with some of these street views. Amazing, really.

  2. I'm going to go back to do some of them from before. I started Mexico City. But I did like Corsica. I searched until I found a scene that looked like how I pictured it. It was somewhere off the southeast coast..

  3. They are fun, aren't they? I didn't care for Lisbon or Mexico City too much. I couldn't find anything that wasn't too gritty! LOL Eventually I prevailed though...


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