Wednesday, January 27, 2010

dog sketch

A few weeks ago, around Christmas, I sketched a picture of my dog, Harley. He loves to sleep on the couch (he's a bum). I had just gone to the bookstore and bought a book on sketching. Apparently, a lot of people draw what they think they see instead of what they really do. The book had several pages dedicated to perspective.

I was sitting on the other end of the couch, with Harley's rear end nearest to me. So I decided to try a perspective drawing. I think his head turned out a tiny bit too big (he does have a big head, really, though). But I like his little nub tail :D More than the dog, however, I was pleased with the couch. I think I accomplished what I was going for with the whole "perspective" thing, and that back cushion nearest -with the stitching- makes me happy.

By the way, Harley is a boxer.

I took a pic of the sketch with the camera because I'm too lazy to bust out the scanner, which is why the lighting (dark corners, and the middle is kind of phased out) is kind of funky. I also had to darken the picture a little because it wasn't showing up well from the camera. It now looks like it darkened every smudge and smear, so that it appears this was done in pastels because the highlights are suddenly so strong. Really, they're just plain paper showing through. Not a bad effect, but not intended.


  1. Aha! Nevermind that last comment in the above post. This is the one Jordan was talking about. Another well recognized Harley pose. But where is Spud? What medium is this? It looks as you mentioned to be pastels or even charcoal. It is a really cool painting though. I love it. I will always be your biggest fan though.

  2. Jordan wouldn't stop staring at it and watching when I did it. And then she wanted to see it again the next day. Maybe I should draw her a picture for her birthday. Spud isn't a pretty picture whilst sleeping. His tongue sticks out... And this is just pencil, it looks slightly like charcoal because I had to darken it before posting - you can already tell its hardly visible in the middle, and that is even after the darkening.

  3. Put it in a frame and she will love it! That is so cool that she is making connection with art now. Maybe she'll get that gene. Someone I follow did a cool painting of a dog with their tongue sticking out...Can't remember who but I'll think of it so you can see it. I think its so cute when they do that!


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